Wednesday, May 28, 2008

..So I have been pretty lazy as far as posting my work lately, apparently complacent danny is still kicking! I assure you that I shall make short work of him in the upcoming months! Anywho, this is what I have been toiling over for the past few weeks in bobby Chiu’s Digital painting/Schoolism. The illustrations are provided by Mr. Bobby Chiu, the Digital Painting over those illustrations is all danny thou! I am starting to catch on to the process. His insight and instruction are superb. I feel like I have learned/progressed more in his class then in past semesters at school. Any way half ways through the course now so stay with me.


siulong said...
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siulong said...

So I accidentally deleted my last comment. Here it is again:

I know you're busy and you've been working on your stuff, but your last post was from May! Come on, give us something to feed off of--anything, a doodle, a sketch, your thoughts about your day, concepts--you've got stuff we want to see. We know you have 'em, just scan 'em!

Really, give that "complacent danny" you're talking about an honest kick!