Wednesday, September 3, 2008

subway game.

More subway sketches, this time I made it a point to only pick up the people with white on, or with accents of white to focus each sketch. I did the sketches really fast each taking less than 30 seconds or so. It became a game in the subway station. Not only was it fun to try to get a likeness in that small window of time but also to find the fun small white details. Some were obvious like shirts or purses, etc ... others that became more fun like a handkerchief or white buttons. This may become a game that I will play more often to warm-up or when I am in a slump. – Later.

- Click on me i get bigger. pencil & Chinese White pencil

subway sketch - Pencil, Chinese White pencil & painted in photoshop

n. 3rd bar during a phillies vs mets
Pencil, Chinese White pencil & painted in photoshop

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cmbarth said...

Is it just me or do your sketches keep getting better and better!!!!!!