Friday, November 13, 2009

ISCA 2009

The ISCA 2009 Convention has come and gone! If I may I would liken the overall feeling to that of a concert that has just let out. I am totally energized to make some new work, I have a ringing in my ear, Feeling sick from drinking too much, and I am left with some great memories.

I would like to thank all the friends I have made over this past year, and all the new friends I have made at this convention. Cheers!

Here is some crap art I made for my wall at the con!

Click on image to view larger!

Lorin - Ink & Digital

... Sweet dude from Philly with a rockin' mustache - Ink, Prisma marker & art stick

Chis Chua & that guy that wears that ridiculous propeller hat - Ink, Prisma marker & art stick

Matt & Stacy Where the Wild Things Are
- Ink, Prisma marker & art stick

Miguel Aguilar - Pencil

... More to come stay tuned!

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